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Benefits of Members of the Maryland Army National Guard

The service offers excellent benefits, especially in helping its members to get a college education.  And due to their unique dual mission status (Federal & State) guard members are eligible to many benefits and entitlements.  Provided below are the Educational Benefits as well as some of the other benefits offered by Federal and State.

Educational Benefits
Our most popular benefit!

State Tuition Waiver All State Supported colleges and universities have developed a tuition waiver program for members of the Guard when taking credited, graduate, and undergraduate courses, on space available basis.  Each institution has their own rules, some of which limit the number of credits / seats per semester.  Click on the link to the left to see a table of the waivers for Colleges / Universites in our state.
State Tuition Assistance Reimbursement to members of the Maryland National Guard in an amount equal to 50% of the College / University tuition and related course fees.  Click on the link to the left to see a table of the Eligibility Guidelines.
GI Bill the Montgomery GI Bill will pay up to a maximum benefit of $286.00 per month directly to you under certain guidelines.  Click on the link to the left to sse a table of these guidelines.
Federal Tuition Assistance The Army Continuing Education System (ACES) will reimburse members of the Maryland Army National Guard in the amount of the tuition up to $100.00 per credit hour undergraduate and up to $170.00 per graduate hour of study.  Click on the link to the left to view the eligibility guidelines.
DANTES Testing Offers Guard Members and their spouses the opportunity to earn college credit through its College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST).  Examinations are free.

Wondering how to get your benefits, well click here to get that information.

Federal Benenfits
Based upon your Reserve Component membership in the Army National Guard you are eligible for numerous federal benfits.  These federal benefits can usually be divided into four major areas: benefits for inactive duty for training (drill); active duty for training and active duty; Retired Reserve under age 60; and Retired Reserve age 60 and above.  Listed below is a table of your benefits divided by the four Reserve Component memberships

Benefits Inactive Duty
Training Assembly
AD, ADSW, AT, ADT, IADT Retired Reserve
(Under age 60)
Retired Reserve
(Age 60 and Over)
Pay and Allowances Basic pay, special pay if authorized Basic pay, BAS, BAH, special pay if authorized No Retired or retainer pay
Exchanges Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commissary Yes Yes Limited Yes
Retirement Points 1 per drill (Max 2 / day) 1 per day (Max 365 / 366 per year) No No
Space Available Travel CONUS / HI / AK,
PR / VI / GU
Worldwide CONUS / HI / AK,
PR / VI / GU
Military Clothing Sales Stores Yes Yes Yes Yes
Legal Assistance Limited Yes Limited Yes
Transient Billeting Yes Yes If Available If Available
Military Recreation Facilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Burial Flag Yes Yes Yes Yes
Post / Base Facilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wearing of Uniform As required As required On appropriate occasions On appropriate occasions
Official Library Services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Military Red Cross Assistance No Yes No No
Base / Post Theater Yes Yes Yes Yes
Military Burial Assistance Yes Yes No No
Military Death Gratuity Yes Yes No No
Military Medical / Dental Medical, only if duty related Yes No Yes
VA Medical / Dental If injury or illness sustained in line of duty or you have achieved status as a "veteran" If injury or illness sustained in line of duty or you have achieved status as a "veteran" Yes Yes
TRICARE 30 days coverage for member and family post release from contingency operation Yes, for dependents if on AD, ADSW for more than 30 days No Yes at age 65; TRICARE is second payor to medicare
SGLI Yes Yes No No
VGLI No No Yes Yes
Survivor Benefit Plan Yes, with 20 years service, if elected
NOTE: Under certain circumstances, some of these benefits are available at the discretion of the local base or installation commander

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State Benefits
In addition to the pay and benefits received from the Federal Government for their Reserve Component service, National Guard members are also eligible for additional pay and / or benefits from their individual states.  Unlike federal pay and benefits, which are uniform for all Guard members, state benefits vary.  Although all states have laws governing the base pay Guard members receive when ordered to State Active Duty, rates vary from state to state, especially for enlisted Guard members.  Also, while many states provide per diem, subsistence, uniforms and essential out of pocket expenses, other states offer only one, or sometimes even none, of the additional allowance benefits.   Provided below is a table of additional benefits offered to members of the Maryland Army National Guard.

====== State / Local Compensation ======
Annual Training None
Drill (DT) None
State Active Duty State Active Duty pay is 12 times the Federal minimum wage, as the minimum.
====== Allowances ======
Pier Diem None
Subsistence Same as Federal Active Duty
Uniforms None
====== Tax Advantage State Income ======
====== Educational Benefits ======
50% Tuition Waiver: 50% tuition waived for all Partner Schools for undergrad through grad programs.
50% Tuition Assistance: 50%  off of tuition and related fees for undergrad programs at all Partner Schools.
Both programs combined: Total 100% tution paid
National Guard Assoc. offers scholarships to Guard members and their family members.
====== Medical Benefits ======
On State Active Duty : Worker's Comp.
====== Injury / Death Benefits ======
On State Active Duty : Worker's Comp.
====== Reimbursement ======
====== Group Insurance ======
NGAM offers guard members $500 at no cost; $5,000 at $2 per mon.; $10,000 at $3.66 per mon.; $15,000 at $5.33 per mon.; $20,000 at $7 per mon.; $25,000 at $8.67 per mon.; $30,000 at $10.34 per mon.; $50,000 at $17.01 per mon.; And Family plan of $5,000 for spouse and $5,000 each child at $3.33 per mon.; Spouse Insurance of $5,000 at $2 per mon.; $10,000 at $3.66 per mon.; $25,000 at $8.67 per mon.
====== Worker's Compensation ======
Yes, State Active Duty only
====== Enlistment / Reenlistment Bonus ======
====== Miscellaneous ======
Exempt from arrest while going to, returning from, and on duty.  Free passage thru toll gates and roads to and from duty.  Exempt from jury duty.  Distictive license plates.  Reemployment rights after all types of Active Duty.  Interest free emergency loans through relief fund.

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The information in both of the above tables was acquired from the 27th Annual Edition of the 2001 National Guard Almanac which can be viewed at the Virtual Armory