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Letter of Instruction
EPSQ (Security Clearance Investigation) requests


After some research and some help from the 629th Military Intelligence Battalion, this LOI was developed to expedite the procedure for requesting a new or updated security clearance. The first part of this process is "self help" as the soldier requesting the clearance will be required to sign on to a web site to download the program. Initiative counts here. You can do this from any computer (personal or military) that has access to the internet. Use the instructions below to access the web site, download the questionnaire, and complete it.

a. Go to the Defense security Service web site at
b. Click on "EPSQ" button in the left window (third one down from the top).
c. Scroll down until you see the "EPSQ VERSION 2.2" in bold with a spinning red "NEW!" symbol next to it then click on the "download" link.
d. Scroll down to bottom of page and click on download icon.
e. Scroll down to bottom of this page and click to acknowledge statement.
f. Select operating system that the computer system being used is operating under.
g. Find "2. Download a "new instillation of EPSQ" and click on link.
h. Click on "Subject Edition". (Webmaster Note: File is 2784 KB)
i. Click on "Download Full Subject Edition".
j. Save the program to desktop.
k. When download complete, click on "OPEN".
l. Click on "FINISH".
m. Install program.
n. Accept default directory, but remember where it is, and click "OK".
o. Go to that default folder.
p. Scroll down to the "EPSQSUB" application and double click.
q. Click on "create" and select User Form.
r. Click first bubble: "Request for Security clearance (SF86)" and click "OK".
s. Select the type of security investigation needed. If Top Secret clearance, click 1st bubble: "Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)".
t. Press Enter key to accept.
u. Enter SSN and the password will be the soldier's last name (this is because the S1 must be able to access the form and submit as appropriate).
v. Enter "1" and hit "Next".
w. Click "Yes".
x. Fill out questionnaire. It is not case sensitive and all data entered is automatically saved.
y. When questionnaire is complete, exit from the data entry screen and then exit from "Module List".
z. Validate form by clicking on "Validate" and select user form. This will display any errors that have been made in the questionnaire.
aa. Correct any errors and validate again (repeat until there are no errors).
bb. Print validation sheet, user form, and instructions/privacy act.
cc. Sign user form and info/medical releases (there will be a total of three signature lines).
dd. Click on "Communications" and select "Prepare File to Give to Security Officer".
ee. Use the soldier's last name and last 4 of hi SSN to name file before saving.
ff. Select A drive and hit "OK".
gg. Hit "OK" again to save to diskette.
hh. Open the A drive from "My Computer" to verify the file was saved to the disk. If successful there will be a file with the soldier's last name and last four of the SSN, followed by ".ZBD". congratulations, you are good to go.
ii. The soldier will then save a second copy of the questionnaire on another diskette and sign the copy of the EPSQ validation sheet.
jj. Complete two FD 258 fingerprint cards. They are blue and can be done at the Battalion Headquarters S-1, any Military Police station, or you can take the FD 258 to most local police stations and they will help with the fingerprinting. However FD 258 cards must be used.
kk. For those SECRET and lower, return entire package listed above to the BN S-1 shop, through your chain of command.


If you need Battalion support, computer or otherwise, please contact the S-1 through your chain of command.