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Welcome to the home page of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion 175th Infantry Regiment
of the 29th Infantry Division (Light) Maryland Army National Guard based
in SGM Jerome Maynard Grollman Armory, Dundalk, Maryland.

The unit has a long, prestigious heritage. The 29th Infantry Division was the vanguard of the Allied attack on the hostile shores of Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. The attack to begin the liberation of France will long be remembered as the beginning of the Allies' "Great Crusade" to rekindle the lamp of freedom and liberty on the continent of Europe.

Today, the "Blue and Gray" Division is the only reserve component light infantry division in the entire United States Army. With headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, the 29th has units in five different states: Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut. The division stands ready to accomplish both its state and federal missions with the same spirit as it displayed on the beaches of Normandy more than 50 years ago. Currently, we serve the community of Baltimore County and Baltimore City, as well as the state of Maryland and the United States as a whole.

We are always looking for quality people to join our team, and we offer many exciting opportunities and benefits for our members.

This website is designed to inform the soldier and the citizen of the duties, jobs, and responsibilities performed by the Maryland Army National Guard.

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Our Mission

Taken directly from National Guard Sources.

The National Guard's primary federal mission is to maintain properly trained and equipped units available for prompt mobilization for war, national emergency or as otherwise needed. Its state mission is to provide trained and disciplined forces for domestic emergencies or as otherwise required by state law. This dual-status role was established by the U.S. Constitution and has been consistently reaffirmed by the Congress as a reflection of the philosophical and practical ideals of our nation's founders. Throughout this century, the external and internal roles of the Guard have been further clarified and restated by the Congress based on the concept that America's citizens can and will mobilize for the common defense.

To meet these missions, the Army National Guard is structured to support both international and domestic requirements. At the federal level, the Guard provides decisive land power for major war and essential combat support and service support units for contingency operations. At the state and community level, the Guard provides a return on this federal investment through domestic support capabilities embedded in its units.

The Missions

Federal Mission

The federal mission of the Infantry is to close with the enemy by means of fire and maneuver in order to defeat or capture him; or repel his assault by fire, close, combat, and counter-attack.

Federal Authority: At M-Day/H-Hour, 29th ID(L) mobilizes, deploys by air and surface to an intermediate staging base, assembles, moves to a US Corps area of operations and effects passage of lines to conduct light combined arms operations.

As part of the US Army under the "Total Army" concept our Federal Mission requires us to be deployable anywhere in the world and proficient in all aspects of ground combat. We must be prepared to carry the fight to the enemy. As a light infantry battalion, we are highly mobile and capable of deploying quickly with a minimum of required transportation assets. We practice closing with, engaging and defeating the enemies of the United States in all types of terrain and weather. We spend most of our time training for this mission by training in the woods, swamps, mountains, and cities. See our training page to see how.

State Mission

When directed by State authority, to provide an organization manned, equipped, and trained to protect and serve our communities, State, and Nation. The State contingency mission is to be prepared to assist the State of Maryland in humanitarian relief, Civil Disturbance Control Operations and natural or manmade disaster response, under competent order of the state (or federal) authority.

Our State Mission requires us to be proficient in quelling civil disturbances by securing persons and properties in times of civil unrest and responding to natural disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and snowstorms. We also serve the community in other ways. Our unit conducts yearly riot control training, which is usually in conjunction with local law an enforcement agency in order to be prepared for such action.

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What do we do?

Testing Schooling Training
Yearly qualifications with rifles (M16A2), machine guns (M60 and M249 SAW), grenade launchers (M203), and anti-tank weapons (Dragon and LAW)
Yearly PT test
Yearly Common Task Testing (CTT)
MOSQ : Infantry (11B) School
Mountain Warfare School
Air Assault School
Ranger School
MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain)
Air Assault Operations
Waterborne Operations
Mountain Operations
FTX (Field Training Exercises)

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Contact Information
Unit Address:  2101 North Point Boulevard; Dundalk, Maryland 21222-1621
Unit Phone Number: 410-284-6330
Unit Fax Number: 410-282-4517
UNIT Webmaster: SGT Christopher Hayes

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