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For literally millions of Americans, Military experience and training has been a key stepping stone to success in life. The service offers excellent benefits, such as college aid to get an education, useful training that you can use in the civilian world, and great pay.

But beyond all of that our soldiers get to do things that most people can only day-dream about. You may have thought, "Yes, I'd like to experience military life, but I can't take years out of my life to do it!" But in the Army National Guard, "You Can!"

Because you'll perform your military service primarily on weekends, you can go to college or hold down a job and also live the life of a soldier in your spare time. Our soldiers spend their weekends practicing combat patrols, leaping from hovering helicopters, rapelling from mountain cliffs, driving Humvees, firing machine guns; in short, doing things that other people pay good money to do for fun!  The difference is your getting paid to do it!

These are experiences you will remember forever. Yes, the Guard can be tough. But overcoming the challenges you will face will teach you lessons to last for a lifetime. You will learn to work with your peers, to push yourself to your limits, to face any obstacle with confidence.

The Maryland Army National Guard needs skilled soldiers in all manners of occupational fields--called Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). But we don't look for people with training, experience, references . . . we train you to do the job. You'll use that training to serve your state and nation one weekend a month and two weeks a year in the National Guard, and you can use it at the same time in the civilian world to make a good career for yourself.




Please contact our Recruiter NCO
SGT Terry Possehl
At the office: 410-285-6830
His cell phone: 443-336-2295
or you can email him at